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Felicia: The word Felicia means happiness. And I can see why she makes me very happy. Sexually and in any other way possible. When it refers to her name representing a beautiful flower you’ll know why it has that name. Because if u ever see a Felicia you will know it every feature will show pure beauty and behind the scenes she is a ravenous sexual being and turns me on! Nevertheless she is not to be mistaken as ghetto or a whore. She is faithful, kind, caring and a pleasure to be with. And best of all she makes me jizz in my pants.” OMG LONELY ISLAND REFERENCE IN MY DEFINITION, YES!

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    An extremely intellectual human with a vivid imagination. Knows how to get her way by subtly conning them. Has the...
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    1.Tarla Straight up gangsta.Wow did you hear about that drive by shooting last night. Yea it was probably done by a...
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    The first one made me chuckle a bit. -sex on a stick -at times quiet -doesn’t talk to people she thinks aren’t worth her...
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    1. tehya an awesome name meaning something tight in indian language.tehya is the most coolest name i’ve ever heard of....
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    Lori: Loyal, honest, loving woman with a heart of gold. A very forgiving person. She will fool you, though. She may seem...
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